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Recovering foot canal therapy can take some time. Our dentists discuss side effects and share tips for managing pain and improving the healing process.

Patrick Casey Aug 30, 2019

Statistics on dental health and dentistry procedures help put oral hygiene in perspective. The team at Smile Montreal can offer advanced treatments and preventative care.

Patrick Casey Jul 30, 2018

Tongue scrapers have a number of potential benefits, which includes reducing bad breath, fighting tooth decay, and preventing gum disease.

Patrick Casey Sep 30, 2017

Using too much force to brush your teeth can cause serious and irreparable dental damage. Learn how to avoid aggressive tooth brushing habits.

Patrick Casey Aug 31, 2017

Dr. Patrick Casey offers restorative dentistry treatments for patients suffering from tooth sensitivity caused by exposed roots.

Patrick Casey May 02, 2017

The history of the toothbrush goes back thousands of years. Let's look at the evolution of this everyday part of oral hygiene.

Patrick Casey Mar 04, 2017

People may experience tooth sensitivity while chewing. Let's explore why this happens and how it can be addressed.

Patrick Casey Dec 30, 2016

To help patients prevent tooth loss, we invite them to read this blog post about the top causes of tooth loss.

Patrick Casey Oct 29, 2016

There have been many innovations in the history of dentistry. Let's take a moment to cover some key moments.

Patrick Casey Sep 30, 2016

Don't let tooth sensitivity to hot and cold interfere with your life. Understand the causes and discover ways to alleviate tooth sensitivity, here.

Patrick Casey Sep 02, 2016

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