Q & A: Dental Implants By Patrick Casey on April 09, 2013

Montreal Dental Implants FAQsOf all the various methods of replacing missing teeth, none come closer to replicating the look, feel, and function of natural teeth than dental implants. This is because a dental implant recreates the entire lost tooth, from its root to its crown. By attaching restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures below the gum line and securing them to the jaw, dental implants provide unrivaled stability and support, fully restoring a patient’s ability to chew, bite, speak, and smile with absolute ease.

At our Montreal cosmetic dentistry practice, Smile Montreal, patients have access to implant dentistry of the highest standard. Ours is one of the rare dental practices that handle the dental implantation process from beginning to end, from the planning stages, through the oral surgery, to the crafting and placement of the stunning, customized restorations. Our patients benefit from the most convenient, cost-effective treatment possible - with results that are consistently superior.

We invite you to read through the Smile Montreal dental implants FAQs, and then contact our cosmetic dentistry practice in Montreal to schedule your initial consultation today.

Can the body reject dental implants?

The rejection rate of dental implants is very low. This is because the body does not recognize titanium - the substance used in the implant posts that secure the restorations - as a foreign material. Indeed, the body generally interprets the titanium post as a natural tooth root, which is the key to the effectiveness of implant dentistry. The post integrates with the jawbone, essentially becoming part of the patient’s natural anatomy. This not only allows for optimal stability for the replacement teeth, but also sends signals to the body that the jaw and periodontal tissues that once supported the missing tooth are once again necessary, halting the degradation of those tissues that is the result of tooth loss.

Can I have dental implants if I have lost quite a lot of jaw bone density?

At our restorative dentistry practice in Montreal, dental implants do require sufficient jaw bone density for the osseointegration process - the process in which the titanium posts fuse with the bone - to occur. However, patients with insufficient jaw bone density may still be able to undergo dental implantation if they first undergo a bone grafting procedure. While this will add to the overall timeline, most patients find the results well worth it.

Are dental implants permanent?

To answer this question, we must distinguish between the dental implants, themselves - the titanium posts that act as artificial tooth roots - and the restorations supported by the implants - the crowns, bridges, and dentures. Because we craft our dental restorations from the finest-grade porcelain and other materials, you can expect them to last for a decade or longer with proper maintenance. It is likely, however, that you will eventually have to have these restorations replaced.

On the other hand, the titanium posts could potentially last for a lifetime with proper oral hygiene. Titanium is a remarkably strong material that withstands quite a lot of pressure and use. While there is no guarantee that they will not require repair or replacement at some point, their expected lifespan is approximately 40 years.

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