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I Have Chronic Bad Breath: Do I Need to See a Dentist?

Chronic bad breath can be a sign of an oral health issue. Explore why you should see a dentist if you suffer from this issue.

Posted by Patrick Casey on May 07, 2024

Do I Still Need Orthodontics if My Teeth Look Straight?

Orthodontics straighten the teeth but they do much more. Find out why orthodontics are worth considering even if you have straight looking teeth. 

Posted by Patrick Casey on Apr 12, 2024

If You're Nervous About Dentist Visits, Here's How We Can Help

Many people avoid dental appointments because they experience dental anxiety. Dr. Patrick Casey at Smile Montreal offers sedation dentistry to help ease nervous patients.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Mar 07, 2024

Signs You Need to See a Dentist: It May Be Time for a Dental Visit

Are you wondering whether it's time you visited the dentist? At Smile Montreal we educate patients on this topic all the time. Read on for some…

Posted by Patrick Casey on Feb 19, 2024

Thinking About Dental Implants? Here's Why They Are So Effective

Here, we discuss the many reasons why implant dentistry is so popular for missing teeth and why this treatment is so effective.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Feb 11, 2024

Do I Have Sleep Apnea? Here Are Some Common Signs and Symptoms

Some of the common signs and symptoms of sleep apnea occur during sleep. There are also signs of sleep apnea that patients may notice themselves.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Jan 19, 2024

How a Dental Makeover Can Give Your Smile a Fresh Start in 2024

You know the cliche: new year, new you. But if you're not confident in your smile, this can be hard to get behind. Consider a…

Posted by Patrick Casey on Dec 09, 2023

Do I Have a TMJ Disorder? Here Are Common Signs and Symptoms

Do you clench your teeth or have unexplained headaches? TMJ disorder can cause obvious and not-so-obvious symptoms. Learn more during a consultation at our Westmount dental…

Posted by Patrick Casey on Nov 08, 2023

Will My Dental Implants Look Like Natural Teeth?

At Smile Montreal in Westmount, QC, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with implant-supported restorations that look just like natural teeth.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Oct 18, 2023

Do I Need Gum Contouring? Signs That It May Be Right for You

Gum contouring can produce a more even, healthier-looking gum line. It's also an excellent way to improve a gummy smile. Learn more about whether periodontal…

Posted by Patrick Casey on Sep 05, 2023

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