If You're Nervous About Dentist Visits, Here's How We Can Help By Patrick Casey on March 07, 2024

happy dental patientRoutine dental exams and cleanings are vital to maintaining good oral health. While professional dental treatment offers numerous benefits, many people avoid dental care because they feel nervous or anxious at the dentist’s office. If you’re nervous about dental visits, help is available.

At Smile Montreal, led by Dr. Patrick Casey, patient comfort is one of our top priorities. Dr. Casey is one of the few dentists in the Montreal, QC, area certified to administer sedation during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry relaxes patients and eases anxiety so patients can get dental care beneficial to oral health without feeling emotional discomfort.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an advanced dental technique that relies on the administration of sedatives to ease patients' anxiety and allow them to undergo dental treatment in a state of relaxation and physical comfort. Sedation dentistry may be ideal for anyone who feels nervous or uncomfortable at dental appointments or those who avoid dental treatment altogether due to dental anxiety. Dr. Casey may recommend sedation dentistry to address concerns such as:

  • Dental phobia
  • Conditions that make it difficult to sit or remain in one position for extended periods
  • Neck or back pain that makes sitting in a dental chair uncomfortable
  • Gag reflex
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity
  • Low pain tolerance

Sedation dentistry is suitable for all dental appointments, from routine exams and cleanings to more complex restorative dentistry treatments.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Sedation dentistry can be administered in a few ways. Dr. Casey offers two sedation dentistry options to patients at Smile Montreal: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation puts patients into a deep state of relaxation without rendering them unconscious. While under oral conscious sedation, patients are able to communicate with Dr. Casey and respond to basic commands. Despite remaining awake during their dental appointment, most patients don’t remember the procedure after it’s complete. We administer oral conscious sedation by prescribing an oral sedative. Patients take the sedative one to two hours before their appointment. The effects of the sedative generally last for an hour or two, so patients must coordinate travel to and from their dental appointments.

IV Sedation

IV sedation puts patients into a deep state of relaxation. Patients usually are unconscious throughout treatment and have no memory of the procedure when they wake up. Generally, IV sedation is reserved for complex dental and periodontal procedures, oral surgeries, or patients with severe dental anxiety. IV sedation is administered at our dental office. Dr. Casey uses an IV to deliver medication directly into the bloodstream. Dr. Casey follows the strictest guidelines when administering IV sedation to ensure each patient’s comfort, safety, and security.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective solution for dental anxiety and other conditions that complicate routine dental treatments. Sedation dentistry has helped numerous Westmount patients undergo necessary dental treatments and enhance oral health. Some of the most notable benefits of sedation dentistry include:

  • Reduction of pain, fear, and anxiety during dental treatment
  • Shorter dental procedures due to the patient’s relaxed state
  • Ability to perform multiple dental procedures at once
  • Treatment of dental problems and prevention of more complex oral health concerns

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Professional dental services are vital to maintaining the health and beauty of the smile. Unfortunately, fear often prevents people from getting the dental care they need. If you suffer from dental anxiety and want to learn how Dr. Patrick Casey can help, contact our Montreal dental practice and schedule an appointment.

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