Candidates for Dental Bridges By Patrick Casey on January 07, 2014

Montreal Dental Bridge CandidatesMissing teeth come with clear cosmetic disadvantages, but they don’t just affect how you look. One or more lost teeth can impact speech and diet, as well increase the risk of health problems such as bone loss and gum disease. Thankfully, these problems can easily be fixed with a tooth replacement technique such as dental implants, dental bridges, or a combination thereof.

Many of our Montreal patients have benefited from a dental bridge procedure, allowing them to look and feel their best once again. To see if you may be a good candidate for dental bridges or an alternative technique, consider the following information.

What Can Dental Bridges Fix?

A dental bridge is a way of replacing one or multiple teeth through the support of adjacent teeth or implants. By attaching the new teeth (called pontics) to porcelain crowns, the bridge can be placed over your gum line, held in place at each end through the crowns. A smile can thus be restored without any oral surgery or invasive procedures.

  • Single tooth loss: For replacing a single tooth, a small bridge can simply be anchored to neighboring teeth by capping them, bridging the gap with a single pontic.
  • Multiple tooth loss: Larger bridges can be fashioned for multiple teeth, anchored by a couple of remaining teeth or through dental implants. These fixed partial dentures can be a permanent solution to the loss of a few adjacent teeth or widespread tooth loss.

Candidates for Dental Bridges

Most patients who are suffering from some degree of tooth loss are candidates for bridges. However, the key to a successful bridge is good support. In order for replacement teeth to remain strong, they must be anchored properly. Good candidates for dental bridges must therefore have the following:

  • Good dental health: Teeth must be strong and healthy enough on both sides of a lost tooth in order to support the bridge. Teeth that currently have decay, disease, or have been reduced in size cannot safely be crowned for a bridge. Likewise, any implants that will serve as support for dental bridges should be equally healthy and sturdy.
  • Remaining teeth for support: Patients who are missing most of their teeth, or whose remaining teeth are weak, may be better candidates for an alternative treatment. While a bridge can span multiple teeth, entire rows of lost teeth should be replaced through a more comprehensive technique, such as dentures. 
  • Good hygiene: Any tooth restoration requires the same hygienic care as natural teeth. Patients should brush and floss a dental bridge diligently, as well continue regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings. Gum disease can still develop below a bridge, and tooth decay can just as easily form beneath its crowns.

Because dental bridges rest above the gum line, they may be a preferable treatment for patients who cannot receive dental implants due to gum disease or inadequate bone tissue. Similarly, bridges are installed through non-invasive methods, making them an excellent choice for patients unable or unwilling to undergo implant surgery.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Like many of the restorative techniques provided by an experienced cosmetic dentist, a dental bridge can provide numerous benefits to your appearance, health, and lifestyle. Here are a few advantages you can expect to gain from a dental bridge:

  • A permanent tooth replacement
  • A full, natural smile
  • Improved speech
  • A stronger bite
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved diet and eating habits
  • Prevention of tooth misalignment
  • Easier hygiene and prevention of gum disease

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