Common Causes of Tooth Pain and How They Can Be Treated By Patrick Casey on September 29, 2015

A woman with a toothacheHere at Smile Montreal, we always strive to help patients have the healthiest teeth and gums possible. When a problem arises, we use advanced restorative dentistry techniques to improve dental health and total wellness.

Dental pain and toothaches are among the most common problems we treat at the practice. Let's take a moment to consider the most common causes of tooth pain and how they can be treated or avoided.

Serious Tooth Decay

When one of your teeth is seriously decayed, it can lead to a painful toothache as well as issues with tooth sensitivity. The best treatment option for this cause of tooth pain is the use of a dental restoration, such as a dental filling, inlay, onlay, or dental crown. In severe cases of decay, it may be best to extract the tooth.

A Chipped or Cracked Tooth

If you have a tooth that is chipped or cracked, it can make that tooth extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Treatments for chips and cracks are the same as treatments for tooth decay. The ideal restoration can be determined during the consultation process.

Root Canal Infection

If bacteria is able to reach the soft tissue within a tooth, it can result in a serious infection. This can be quite painful, and the infection can spread to other parts of the mouth if the condition is not treated in a timely manner. The best remedy for these infections is root canal therapy, which removes the dental pulp from the tooth and sterilizes the pulp chamber.

Impaction from Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are extra sets of molars on the upper and lower rows of teeth that typically emerge in a person's early twenties. If the wisdom teeth grow in crooked, they can press against your current teeth, leading to pain and even tooth damage. Wisdom tooth extraction is the best solution for dealing with this type of problem.

Crowding and Spacing Issues

Malocclusion in different forms can lead to a number of problems with alignment as well as dental pain. This is especially truth of teeth being crowded or poorly spaced. When crowding and spacing issues lead to toothaches, the best option to consider is typically orthodontic treatment. Braces and other options for treating these issues are viable and worth considering.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding occurs when a patient is asleep. It involves the gnashing, clenching, and shifting of the teeth since a proper at-rest position cannot be found. This can lead to tooth pain as well as a number of other serious problems. Teeth grinding is typically treated through a combination of mouth guards, relaxation techniques, and orthodontic care.

Improper Use of Teeth Whitening Products

When dental bleaching agents are used, it often causes patients to experience tooth sensitivity for a day to a few days. This is normal, though if the teeth are exposed to bleaching agents for too long, the level of tooth sensitivity can be significant. In order to avoid major problems with tooth sensitivity, be sure to follow all instructions for teeth whitening products to the letter. It may actually be better to consider professional teeth whitening supervised by a dentist, which helps limit the level and duration of tooth sensitivity experienced.

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