What Dental Problems Can Cause Jaw Pain? By Patrick Casey on December 29, 2015

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While tooth decay and gum disease are common issues that people face, we want to call attention to the dangers that may be indicated by jaw pain. Below are some dental problems associated with jaw pain and how they can be addressed.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) and Jaw Pain

When you gnash, clench, and shift your teeth during sleep, you do more than damage your teeth. The stress placed on your jaw can result in major jaw pain and improper function of your jaw when speaking, eating, and laughing.

Treatments for Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

The most common treatments for teeth grinding typically involve a combination of orthodontic care, a night guard (special retainer worn at night), and stress management exercises.

Malocclusion (Crooked Teeth) and Jaw Pain

Poor alignment of the teeth can cause many problems for you when biting or chewing. A very poor dental alignment can lead to jaw pain, and gradual wear and tear on the jaw as the years go by.

Treatments for Malocclusion (Crooked Teeth)

The best treatment option for malocclusion is orthodontic care. This means using braces or an alternative to braces that helps alter the alignment of the teeth, ensuring a better position for more ideal health and wellness.

TMJ Disorders (TMD) and Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is very complicated as we noted above. A TMJ disorder refers to any instance in which the joint may be functioning poorly, resulting in jaw pain, lockjaw, clicking or grinding in the jaw, and so forth.

Treatments for TMJ Disorders (TMD)

The proper treatment for a TMJ disorder will depend on the cause of the problem. Common causes of TMJ disorders include arthritis, jaw injury, poor dental alignment, and teeth grinding. To address this, dental health specialists may consider everything from steroid injections to surgery.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Jaw Pain

Wisdom teeth are the extra sets of molars that emerge in a person's early twenties. When these teeth grow in crooked, they can cause pain to radiate around the jaw area, sometimes severely.

Treatments for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The ideal treatment option for impacted wisdom teeth is extraction. By removing the wisdom teeth through oral surgery, pain is alleviated and overall dental wellness is improved.

Root Canal Infections and Jaw Pain

Serious tooth decay or damage can result in oral bacteria infecting the soft tissue located inside of the tooth. This is known as a root canal infection, and when it happens to a molar, it can cause pain to radiate to the jaw aware

Treatments for Root Canal Infection

Root canal infections are treated through endodontic therapy, which removes the infected dental pulp and sterilizes the pulp chamber inside of the tooth. This saves the tooth from extraction while also preventing the spread of infection.

Advanced Oral Pathologies and Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is just one potential sign of a serious health condition, indicating an abnormal growth or serious issue. In some cases, jaw pain is the first symptom of oral cancer.

Dental Visits and Cancer Screenings Are Key

In order to have serious health conditions diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, it's important that you visit your dentist regularly. Discuss your jaw pain so that the matter can be examined in greater detail.

Learn More About Jaw Pain and Dental Health

If you suffer from jaw pain and would like to find out what your best options are for treatment, be sure to contact our advanced dental care centre today. We at Smile Montreal look forward to your visit and helping you experience optimal dental health.

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