Benefits of Laser Dentistry: Advanced Dental Care By Patrick Casey on March 30, 2018

Laser dentistryDental lasers can be used to treat the teeth, the gums, and other soft tissues in the mouth. The versatility of dental lasers means state-of-the-art care does not have to be limited by the nature of the technology available. We’ve used dental lasers to help diagnose dental problems, prep teeth for dental restorations, and contour gum tissue.

The team at our Montreal, QC dental practice would like to consider some of the key benefits of laser dentistry. These advantages mean better dental health and enhanced wellness for patients undergoing cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures.

No Whirring of a Drill

When using a laser to prep a tooth for a dental restoration, there is no need to worry about the whirring of a drill. This high-pitched noise is often the source of major anxiety to patients. Coupled with the pressure placed on the teeth when a drill is being used and you have a recipe for a potentially unpleasant experience.

A laser “drill” exerts no pressure on the teeth and produces no whirring sound. Instead, patients may hear just a light tapping noise as the laser is working.

More Delicate on Your Tooth Structure

While dental drills are effective for what they are, they sometimes cause tooth damage in the process of prepping a tooth. This is a result of the pressure needed for the drill to work, the friction of the drill meeting tooth structure, and the heat produced as part of this process.

Dental lasers have no friction. Patients feel no vibration along their jaw, and the heat produced by the laser is carefully controlled so as not to cause harm. Dentists can more accurately remove the damaged or decayed tooth structure without causing unintentional damage to healthy parts of the teeth.

Cauterizes Soft Tissue While It Cuts

When using a scalpel to treat the gums, a certain amount of blood loss is to be expected. The blood loss can be an issue if the oral surgeon is not careful or does not work quickly enough.

Soft tissue lasers used in dental care have a unique property. They are able to cauterize the incision site as cuts are made. This means that the soft tissue will bleed far less than it would during a traditional soft tissue treatment with a scalpel. This allows for a much safer and cleaner procedure

Reduces Risk of Infection

Thanks to the cauterizing properties of the soft tissue dental lasers, the risk of infection during the procedure is far, far lower. The same is true of the risk of post-op infection as a patient recovers. These are a few less things for oral surgeons and patients to worry about when it comes to gum contouring or treatment of periodontal disease.

Less Serious Side Effects

Thanks to the reduced blood loss and cauterizing of the incision sites, patients will experience less severe side effects after surgery. Sutures may not even be required, which helps with oral hygiene matters considerably.

Faster Healing After Soft Tissue Treatment

Thanks to laser treatments for soft tissues, patients often heal much faster following laser oral surgery than they would undergoing a traditional oral surgery procedure. Being back to normal sooner than expected is always ideal for all patients everywhere.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

To learn more about laser dentistry and how it can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist. Our team will use the latest technology to improve your dental health and wellness.

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