Full Mouth Reconstruction Recovery By Patrick Casey on May 01, 2018

Full mouth reconstructionFor patients who need major dental work to improve the health of their mouth, a full mouth reconstruction is usually the ideal option to consider. The team at our Montreal, QC practice can address issues with the teeth, gums, jaw joint, and so forth, helping you have the healthiest smile possible. Of course, with extensive treatment like this, many patients wonder about the recovery process.

Full mouth reconstruction treatments are customized to the needs of patients, which means no two procedures are ever quite the same. Given these facts, the recovery process will be different from patient to patient. The general guidelines below will be able to address the general recovery process and what you can expect. Your dentist will offer much more detailed pre-op and post-op information during the consultation process.

Will I Need to Take Time Off from Work?

For many patients, a little time off from work may be recommended depending on the nature of the treatment. If major oral surgery was involved, for instance, a day or two off from one’s job may be recommended depending on when during the week the procedure is performed.

People who work in physically demanding fields will likely need to take more time off from work, or be asked to abstain from certain job duties that could impact recovery. Again, this can be discussed during a custom consultation.

Take Pain Relievers as Directed

Pain and discomfort are both common after a major dental procedure. Patients may be prescribed pain killers or be asked to purchase certain over-the-counter pain medications to address their discomfort as they heal. Be sure to take these medications as instructed and only as needed.

Use Cold Compresses to Control Discomfort and Swelling

Swelling around the mouth and face may occur following a full mouth reconstruction, which is a normal side effect of major dental work. You can manage this swelling by using a cold compress against your face. Applying the compress for 15-to-20-minute intervals can work wonders for pain relief and swelling reduction.

Avoid Foods and Beverages of Hot or Cold Temperature

Your teeth and gums will likely be sensitive after a full mouth reconstruction procedure. To prevent pain and discomfort, do not eat foods or drink beverages that are hot or cold in temperature. Instead, try to have foods items that are lukewarm or room temperature.

Abstain from Spicy and Crunchy Foods

Irritation of the gums and teeth can also happen after a full mouth reconstruction. To avoid irritation, be sensible about your diet for the first few days after treatment. Avoid foods that are spicy or crunchy to prevent problems with oral hygiene and comfort. Have soft foods that won’t require a lot of chewing instead.

Do Not Use Tobacco Products

Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco can slow down recovery times and increase your risk of infection. Be sure to avoid using tobacco products before and after a full mouth reconstruction. This may be a good excuse to kick the habit for good.

Do Not Have Alcoholic Beverages

Like tobacco, alcohol can slow down recovery times and negatively impact the healing process. Be sure to abstain from alcohol until you have fully healed from the full mouth reconstruction.

Attend Follow-up Visits with Your Dentist

After the full mouth reconstruction, there will be a few follow-up visits with your dentist to see how you are healing from the procedure. Attend these visits as scheduled to help ensure you are recovering without complications or adverse side effects.

Contact Smile Montreal

For more information about healing after a full mouth reconstruction and looking your absolute best, be sure to contact the dentists of Smile Montreal. We will discuss all of these matters in full detail so you smile looks its best and you feel great about the results achieved.

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