Causes and Signs of Damaged Fillings By Patrick Casey on November 15, 2018

A tooth-colored dental fillingWhen you have a cavity, placing a restoration is a common sense way to prevent further tooth decay and replace the damaged tooth structure. We offer all kinds of restorations at our Montreal, QC office. While dental fillings are durable and effective cavity treatments, they are not indestructible. There are many ways that a filling can be damaged, and patients need to be aware of these issues.

The dental care team at Smile Montreal would like to go over the common causes of damaged fillings and the signs and symptoms that patients should note to determine if there is a problem.

Reasons That Fillings Become Damaged

There are many reasons why a dental filling may become damaged. This includes:

  • Oral Trauma - If you are involved in a fall, an auto accident, or physical altercation, there’s a risk of tooth damage as well as fracturing a filling or restoration.
  • Sports Injuries - People who participate in combat sports and contact sports run a high risk of oral injury. Accidents may also happen in sports such as basketball or soccer given how physical and aggressive things can become in the heat of competition.
  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) - Grinding your teeth will take its toll on your dental health, causing tooth fractures, gum recession, and potentially damaging your dental restorations.
  • Chewing Hard Objects - People may bite and chew on hard objects out of habit, such as ice cubes, pen caps, and so forth. Doing so increases your chances of damaging your teeth and fillings.
  • Flaws with the Restoration - A dentist’s initial work placing a restoration may not be up to par, which can lead to the filling coming loose or getting damaged.
  • Normal Wear and Tear - Normal biting and chewing will gradually take its toll on a filling, resulting in varying degrees of damage.

Signs That a Filling Is Damaged

Some of the most common signs of filling damage are as follows:

  • Toothaches - Pain is a sign of a problem, so if you notice that you suffer from a recurring toothache, that’s an indication that something must be wrong.
  • Pain When Chewing - Biting and chewing places pressure on teeth and restorations. If you notice localized pain in the mouth during meals, that could be the sign of some issue affecting a tooth.
  • Tooth Sensitivity - Hot and cold temperatures can trigger bouts of tooth sensitivity. If they occur whenever you have hot soup or a cold beverage, that is a good indication that you have some kind of dental issue.

What Should I Do If I Notice Symptoms?

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s important that you contact your dentist to discuss matters right away. They will be able to examine your tooth and restorations and then determine the best course of action to improve your dental health and wellness.

The Process for Replacing a Damaged Filling

When replacing a damaged filling, the initial filling will have to be removed. Additional prep may be required to place a new filling. In some cases, the filling may be replaced by another restoration, such as an inlay, an onlay, or a crown. These matters can all be discuss during your visit to the practice.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options

For more information about repairing damaged fillings and helping you have the healthiest smile possible, be sure to contact our team of cosmetic and restorative dentists. We are here to help. Smile Montreal can be reached by phone at (514) 937-6558.

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