Dental Bridge Aftercare and Recovery By Patrick Casey on April 30, 2019

A tooth-colored dental bridgeIf you’re missing a tooth, there’s no need to live with a gap in your smile. Many people missing a tooth come to our Montreal, QC practice for dental bridges, a false tooth held in place by adjacent crowns that cap healthy teeth. Dr. Charles Casey and Dr. Patrick Casey have completely enhanced patients’ smiles thank to the proper placement of a bridge.

To make sure your bridges last a long time, it’s important to practice proper aftercare once the procedure is done. Let’s offer some basic advice for patient recovery. These tips are great for minimizing the severity of side effects. To understand the basics of aftercare, let’s first explain how a dental bridge is placed.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

The teeth next to the tooth gap are carefully prepped. This means removing some of the enamel structure to the crowns can fit snugly over them. Once the crowns are on, they are adhered in place to ensure a strong bite and good smile aesthetics.

Since some of the tooth structure is removed from the teeth near the gap, patients will experience some tooth sensitivity and other issues until they get used to the bridge being in place. Most side effects subside on their own usually within a week or two.

Will I Experience Pain After a Bridge Is Placed?

Not pain necessarily. While some soreness may be common when biting and chewing, most patients will only notice some occasional bouts of tooth sensitivity. If any discomfort is experienced, it can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medications, though this is usually not necessary.

Altering Your Diet

To avoid discomfort after getting a dental bridge, patients are encouraged to temporarily alter their diet. Soft foods are ideal, as is chewing on the side of the mouth opposite the new bridge when possible. Patients should return to crisp and crunchy foods slowly, and only after they can bite down with the bridge comfortably.

In addition, patients with a new dental bridge should avoid hot and cold temperature foods and beverages. Temperature extremes can lead to tooth sensitivity. Go for lukewarm or room temperature meals, snacks, and beverages for the time being.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages can have a negative impact on your recovery times. It’s a good idea to avoid using tobacco products and abstain from alcoholic beverages for at least a week or so after getting a dental bridge. You may want to consider this a good excuse to quit smoking or using chewing tobacco for good.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing is important for keeping your mouth clean and making sure your bridge is in good overall condition. Be sure to brush at least twice a day, and to floss at least once a day like usual.

Be careful while flossing around the new bridge. You don’t want to pull or tug too hard around the bridge, which could feel painful. A proxybrush may be a good idea for this early part of recovery. If you have a waterpick/water flossing device, that can also be helpful.

Attend All Follow-up Visits

There will be a few follow-up visits to Smile Montreal after a bridge is placed to make sure you are recovering properly. Be sure to attend these visits as scheduled. Patients are encouraged to contact the practice if any issues arise. We’re here to answer questions, address concerns, and make sure your smile is as healthy as possible.

Contact Smile Montreal

For more information about treating tooth loss and restoring the appearance of your smile, be sure to contact our skilled cosmetic and restorative dentists. You can reach our dental care center by phone at (514) 937-6558.

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