Alternatives to Dental Implants By Patrick Casey on July 24, 2020

Partial denturesDental implants are widely recognized as the most advanced treatment for tooth loss. Implants anchor dental restorations to restore a strong, functional, and attractive smile while also protecting your oral and general health.

While dental implants offer numerous benefits, they are not the right option for everyone who has experienced tooth loss. If a person is not an ideal candidate for dental implants, there are a couple of dental implant alternatives to consider. Dr. Patrick Casey can help patients at our Montreal, QC, practice choose a restorative dentistry treatment that is best suited to their unique needs. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge may be a great alternative to dental implants if a person has lost just a small number of teeth from the same area of the mouth. A dental bridge is designed to replicate up to three missing teeth and these are highly customizable restorations. Dr. Casey can specify the size, shape, and color of each dental bridge, so that they fit comfortably and blend in well with the natural teeth.

Dental bridges from Smile Montreal Dentistry can be supported by dental implants, but for those who are looking for an alternative, they can easily be secured with a pair of dental crowns. To place a traditional dental bridge, the teeth immediately adjacent to either side of the gap left by the missing teeth are reshaped and treated with dental crowns. The crowns support the dental bridge and provide stability that allows patients to perform a full range of oral functions with comfort and ease.


If an individual has lost numerous teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth, they may consider partial or complete dentures as an alternative to dental implants. Like a dental bridge, dentures can be secured by a set of dental implants, but there are also removable options. 

Removable dentures consist of a set of false teeth atop a plastic base that is designed to resemble the natural gum line. Removable dentures sit over the gums and create a suction seal that holds them in place. Partial dentures also have small metal hooks that wrap around adjacent teeth for added stability. A dental adhesive can also be used for additional security.

Removable dentures are not as stable or secure as dental implants. However, new technology allows us to create custom dentures that fit much better than those made in the past. If someone is not a suitable candidate for dental implants, dentures can fill in gaps left by tooth loss to restore their ability to eat and speak properly and improve the appearance of their smile.

Choosing the Right Treatment Option 

When our patients are looking for an alternative to dental implants, Dr. Casey can help them choose the restorative dentistry treatment that is right for their unique concerns and goals. This decision is affected by factors such as the degree of tooth loss, the health of any remaining teeth, the health of the gums, and the patient’s personal preferences.

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