How Long Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Last? By Patrick Casey on March 03, 2023

A person having their teeth and gums checkedGum recession is a side effect of gum disease. Gum recession refers to tissues that pull up and away from the base of the teeth. As the gums recede, they expose the tooth roots, which increases the risk of root canal infection. Gum recession requires prompt treatment.

Deep cleaning effectively treats mild gum recession, but more advanced gum disease often requires surgical treatment. Pinhole gum surgery is a minimally invasive procedure offered by Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey to treat gum recession at their Montreal, QC, dental practice. Before treatment, our dentists prepare patients for how long pinhole gum surgery lasts, the average length of surgical recovery, and the amount of time that surgical results can be expected to last.

What Happens During Pinhole Surgery?

Pinhole surgery is a revolutionary treatment for gum recession. The gum surgery traditionally used to treat gum recession is invasive and complex. It involves cutting and transferring tissues from other parts of the mouth to cover areas of recession. Pinhole gum surgery treats gum recession without scalpels, grafting, or suturing. During surgery, a small needle creates a series of pinholes in the gum tissues. Using these tiny openings, dentists reposition gum tissues to cover areas of recession and encourage the growth of healthy gum tissues.

How Long Does a Pinhole Procedure Take?

Pinhole gum surgery is less complex than traditional tissue grafting surgery. Because the procedure does not require cutting, suturing, or grafting, pinhole gum surgery takes less time than traditional gum surgery. A pinhole gum surgery typically takes around one hour. A local anesthetic numbs the gums before surgery; so patients remain comfortable throughout treatment.

How Long Is Pinhole Gum Surgery Recovery?

Our Montreal patients can expect a quick and easy recovery from pinhole gum surgery. Patients may experience symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, and general discomfort during the first 24 to 48 hours following their procedure. Side effects should be mild.

The surgical site should not be disturbed until it has completely healed, which can take up to six weeks. To promote healing and reduce the risk of post-surgical complications, individuals should avoid strenuous physical activity, severe hot or cold foods and beverages, hard foods, and suction (drinking with a straw, smoking a cigarette, etc.). Patients should also avoid touching the treatment site, refrain from chewing with that part of the mouth, be gentle when toothbrushing, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

How Long Do the Results of Pinhole Surgery Last?

Although pinhole gum surgery is less invasive than traditional tissue grafting, it is just as effective, so surgical results should last just as long. Pinhole gum surgery results can last for many years or decades, provided patients practice good oral hygiene habits and schedule regular dental exams and cleanings.

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If you are suffering from red, swollen gums or gum recession, you may be a candidate for pinhole gum surgery. This treatment provides the same results as traditional tissue grafting, but it is faster and less invasive. To learn more about the benefits of pinhole gum surgery, send us a message online or call our Montreal dental practice at (514) 937-6558.

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