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Dental Bonding

Do you feel self-conscious about a discolored tooth, cracks, or other imperfections in your teeth?

Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey serving Montreal, QC, can provide you with dental bonding to repair and enhance your natural teeth. 

How can dental bonding enhance my smile?

The Many Benefits  of Dental Bonding

According to the American Dental Association, almost one in four adults avoid smiling because of the condition of their teeth. While crowns and veneers are effective in improving the appearance of a tooth or an entire smile, dentists can often conceal minor dental imperfections more simply and affordably with cosmetic bonding.

Quick and Simple Treatment 

This easy dental procedure requires minimal preparation and can often be performed in a single visit. While some methods of cosmetic dentistry require major alterations to your teeth, dental bonding is simple and reversible.

Affordable Cosmetic Solution

Porcelain veneers and crowns may have the reputation of perfecting a smile, but for the right patients, bonding can achieve similar results for a fraction of the cost. Bonding can be a more affordable option for patients looking to enhance the appearance of their smile with cosmetic alterations.

Low-Risk Commitment

Dental bonding is not permanent like porcelain veneers and other cosmetic procedures. Whereas veneers require alterations to the tooth enamel, your dentist may only need to perform simple etching on the tooth surface to prepare for bonding.

A Simple Solution  for Minor Imperfections 

Dental bonding is a procedure in which the dentist applies a tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of the teeth to repair structural and cosmetic flaws. This versatile dental treatment is an easy way to repair chips, cracks, discoloration, and misshapen teeth

To keep your bonded teeth healthy and looking great, make sure to brush and floss daily and attend regular dental checkups. It's important to remember bonding may not last as long as veneers, but with proper dental hygiene and careful treatment of the area, the results can last up to 10 years.

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Hear From Happy Patients

If you visit our Montreal area dentistry practice, you'll be in good hands. These real patients have trusted Smile Montreal with their dental health—and they love their results.

Don't Delay Put Yourself First at Smile Montreal

Whether you have stains, cracks, or a misshapen tooth, you may wish to refine your smile. Imperfections in your teeth can reduce your confidence, making it hard to smile or laugh. We want our patients to feel good about their smiles—and dental bonding can empower them to show it off with ease.

Not only is dental bonding a safe procedure, but it also causes little to no discomfort. You have nothing to lose when you decide to visit Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey for your dental bonding consultation.

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Subtle Changes  Can Transform Your Smile

Before treatment
Before This patient was unhappy with the worn surfaces of their four front teeth.
After treatment
After We added structure to the patient's teeth and performed laser gum contouring in a single appointment.

"Polite, professional, and extremely pleasant" 5-Star Reviews

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Kimberley Powell


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My family and I visited Smile Montreal for a consultation. The building was clean and inviting. The staff members were polite, professional and extremely pleasant. Dr C. was very approachable, compassionate and thorough. I would definitely recommend this place. Thanks guys.

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effie ioannou


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Another great experience! Was extremely nervous just to take impressions,... but they made me feel comfortable and took good care of me. Dr Casey, I can’t thank you enough for being a good/compassionate human.

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Bonding vs. Porcelain Veneers What's the Difference? 

A veneer fits over the front of a tooth


You may have heard about the wonders of veneers in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Although veneers can provide dazzling results, they cost more than bonding and require a permanent alteration to your teeth. It's important to know that bonding can serve many of the same functions as porcelain. In many cases, they can produce a similarly beautiful end result; however, there are some key differences in the dental materials.

Dental bonding fixes a chipped tooth


Bonding uses a more porous substance than porcelain and is susceptible to discoloration from darkly colored foods, drinks, and tobacco products, the same as your natural teeth. A bonded tooth will need touch-ups over time, but it is also long-lasting and a good way to test out whether porcelain veneers may be right for you in the future. Our expert dentists at Smile Montreal will help guide you in selecting the best service to meet your goals.

Dental Bonding Uses Resin For a Simple Cosmetic Fix

A UV light hardens composite resin
If chips, discoloration, or stains are affecting the appearance of your teeth, our dentists can refine your smile with dental bonding. This treatment uses tooth-colored composite resin to address a number of cosmetic dental concerns.

What To Expect During the Procedure

Little preparation is needed before dental bonding and treatments will often take under an hour. 
The process is virtually painless and doesn't require the use of anesthesia.

Day of Procedure

The process is virtually painless and doesn't require the use of anesthesia.

Color Selection

The dentist will use a guide to hand-select the shade of the resin to match your surrounding natural teeth.

Placement of Resin

The composite resin will be applied to the tooth surface and molded to achieve the optimal size and desired shape.

Finishing Touches

The dentist will harden the composite resin using ultraviolet light until it is bonded to the tooth surface. After adjusting and polishing to blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth, dental imperfections are effectively disguised.

Is Dental Bonding Painful?

This dentistry treatment is a relatively painless procedure that requires no sedation or anesthesia; however, if you're worried about discomfort, you may benefit from over-the-counter pain relievers.

You may experience mild tooth sensitivity after your procedure, but this is usually temporary and only occurs when consuming hot or cold food and drinks.

Dental Bonding Maintenance

With proper care, dental bonding may last for three to 10 years. In addition to abiding by an at-home oral care routine, be sure to follow all maintenance tips from Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey to help your cosmetic results last. For example, if you have sleep apnea and you grind your teeth in your sleep, receiving an oral appliance from our dentists can help protect the results of your dental bonding treatment.

"Simply an AMAZING team in all aspects" Reviews From Our Montreal Dental Patients


Micheline Syrvet


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Simply an AMAZING team in all aspects. Dr.Patrick Casey and his team are extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and great at dentistry with state of art equipment. So happy I am in their care. Wish I found them 20 years ago.

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Sophia Wang


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Dr. Patrick Casey and staff Alice and Donna are very friendly. They are professional and help me fix my plant. The clinic is very beautiful and clean with state-of-the-art dental equipment. Absolutely recommend Smile Montreal to others.

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Dr. Charles Casey & Dr. Patrick Casey

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Our team of dental professionals is focused on patient care and comfort. Our dentists use the latest techniques and innovative technologies to provide fast and efficient treatment. Dr. Patrick Casey is a member of a number of international associations, including:
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