A Sinus Lift Can Create a Sturdy Base for Healthy Dental Implants

Dental implants were traditionally reserved for patients who had healthy and sufficient jawbone tissue. Because bone loss begins to occur almost immediately after tooth loss, many patients were ineligible to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. However, thanks to advancements in dentistry, Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey in Montreal, QC, are now able to provide preparatory procedures such as a sinus lift to help you receive the treatment you need with highly effective results. By raising your sinus floor and promoting bone growth, our doctors can create a stable, healthy foundation for your new implants.

Before and after sinus lift

Planning a Sinus Lift 

Following tooth loss, your jawbone lacks the necessary regenerative stimulation from your tooth roots. Without these vital signals, your jawbone can begin to recede. With advanced imaging, we are able to precisely determine the quality of your jawbone and accurately diagnose whether you need a sinus lift or bone graft prior to your implant surgery. Our office is one of the few locations in Canada currently using the i-CAT® 3-D imaging system to plan your implant surgery. This high-resolution scan is able to show our doctors the exact location, density, and quantity of bone to allow us to perform your sinus lift with minimal incisions, a reduced surgery time, and less discomfort to you. If the scan determines you are also missing bone in your lower jaw, we can perform a bone graft in addition to a sinus lift. 

Sinus Lift Surgery

Prior to beginning your surgery, our doctors will administer a local anesthetic as well as additional sedation if you have a fear of the dentist or difficulty sitting still due to a preexisting condition. Once you are in a comfortable state, our doctors will begin the procedure by creating an incision in your gums. They will then use a biocompatible bone grafting material to fill the space between the jawbone and your sinus cavity, creating sufficient room for dental implants and raising the sinus floor to avoid damage to biostructures and nerves in the region. 

By raising your sinus floor and promoting bone growth, our doctors can create a stable, healthy foundation for your new implants.

Once the bone grafting material is in place, our doctors will close your incisions and you can begin the recovery process. Studies conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information have shown that implants placed in grafted bone are just as successful and stable as implants placed in your natural bone tissue

How We Can Help

Our practice incorporates state-of-the art-imaging and various sedation options to help ensure that your restorative dentistry procedure is as accurate and comfortable as possible. Our doctors are also able to provide comprehensive dental services from any necessary preparatory procedures to the placement of your restorations, saving you time and money without having to visit multiple specialists for your treatment. 

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Even if you have suffered bone recession as a result of tooth loss or a preexisting condition, sinus lift treatment can help you achieve a healthy smile for a lifetime. Patients with missing teeth can greatly benefit from dental implants, and our doctors offer these preparatory procedures because they believe that this treatment should be available to every patient. If you would like to assess the quality of your jawbone and determine whether you are a good candidate for a sinus lift, call our office at (514) 937-6558 or contact us online

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