Root canal

Root Canal Therapy

A cracked or decayed tooth is vulnerable to infection, which can lead to a painful abscess, inflammation, and even the loss of the tooth.

Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey can perform root canal therapy at Smile Montreal, QC, to save an infected tooth.

Discover how a root canal can help restore your oral health...

Advantages of a Root Canal

Virtually Painless

There is a common misconception that root canal therapy is painful. In fact, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than a routine dental filling. In fact, since the source of infection is removed during root canal therapy, most patients find that their tooth feels better almost instantly following treatment.

Avoid Extractions

The only alternative to a root canal is extraction. While we certainly have plenty of options for replacing missing teeth, there is nothing better than the real thing. With prompt treatment, a root canal can effectively halt the deterioration of the tooth and surrounding jawbone to save the natural tooth.

Save Money

When you get root canal treatment, you eliminate the need to pay for costly restorations such as implants or dentures in the future. Saving your natural tooth by undergoing treatment at our Montreal practice will save you money in the long run. 

What Is Root
Canal Treatment?


Root canal treatment removes infected pulp from inside the root canals of your tooth or teeth. This endodontic treatment can alleviate your pain and prevent bacteria from spreading throughout your mouth or body. After taking out the pulp, your dentist will restore your tooth with options such as crowns or dental bridges.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Recommended?

Root canal therapy is necessary when the pulp chamber (the center of the tooth) has been breached by bacteria. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that allow for sensory perception, but is not necessary for the survival of the tooth.

The root canal is a simple endodontic treatment that involves a dentist or endodontist removing the inner pulp and sterilizing the empty pulp chamber. This effectively eliminates the source of dental infection and prevents bacteria from spreading to other parts of the mouth. Meanwhile, the exterior of the tooth remains intact and is usually restored with a dental crown.

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"Highly recommend. I will never go anywhere else!!!"


Melanie Kanis


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By far, the best dentist I've ever seen! I am a nervous dental patient with anxiety and panic attacks. They offer conscious sedation which was a Godsend for me when I needed a long root canal procedure. Took almost 3 hours felt like 5 minutes. Dr.Casey is so knowledgeable and up to date with the latest technology. The staff makes you feel right at home, even giving you a pillow for under your neck, a blanket and a tv on the ceiling to watch. Highly recommend. I will never go anywhere else!!!

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Carrie Sharpe


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I can’t say enough about how wonderful this team is. It had been a VERY long time since I had been to the dentist and was terrified to go. The entire experience from start to finish was beyond my expectations. The entire staff are sensitive to your needs from the first phone call I made. What blew me away was there was no judgement made on how long it had been since my last trip to see a dentist or my lifestyle. The experience was fantastic and I highly recommend this to anyone who has put off their visit or needs extensive work done.

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Experiencing Root Canal Symptoms?

From root canal therapy treatment to placing and creating crowns, our Montreal dentists are with you every step of the way...

Same-Day Crowns Mean You Can Go Home From Your Root Canal Worry-Free

Having a root canal can be stressful, especially if you think you may have leave with a gap in your smile.

Not to mention, the idea of returning for more dental work can take up more of your precious free time.

At Smiles Montreal, we can place a custom same-day crown onto your tooth in the same appointment, thanks to our in-office E4D CAD/CAM system. That way, you can leave with peace of mind — and a gorgeous, healthy smile.

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If you have a root canal infection, Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey can treat your infected tooth pulp, eliminating the harmful bacteria. Then, using our E4D CAD/CAM system, they can place a custom, natural-looking crown on the same visit for your convenience.


A Closer Look at the Root Canal Procedure 

During root canal therapy, the blood vessels, nerves, pulp, and infected tissues will be removed and the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected.

Root Canal Procedure

 "If you are nervous about treatment, our Montreal practice offers sedation dentistry..."
 "If you are nervous about treatment, our Montreal practice offers sedation dentistry..."


Before performing the root canal, Dr. Casey will administer local anesthesia. This will numb the teeth and gums, so you will not actually feel the dental procedure.  If you are nervous about treatment, we can offer sedation dentistry to induce relaxation. 

Creating Access

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Casey will drill a small hole in the surface of the affected tooth. From this point, he can access the inner chamber to perform the root canal.  

Sterilizing and Sealing

The blood vessels, nerves, and infected tissues are removed, and the internal chamber is cleaned and disinfected. Next, the empty root canals (the centers of the tooth roots) are filled with an inert rubber-like substance.

Applying Restorations

The tooth will require either a filling or a dental crown once the procedure is complete. Before your root canal, we will be able to determine which solution is necessary and provide your restoration following treatment. 
"I would recommend Smile Montreal to any of my friends and relatives."

What If I Don't Think I Need a Root Canal?

Like many people, you may be searching for an excuse not to visit the dentist. However, if you need root canal treatment, time is of the essence.

Even if you don't need root canal therapy, you may have a cavity or cracked tooth. They need treatment as soon as possible, or else they may lead to a root canal infection in the future. So, it's always best to err on the side of caution and visit our experienced dentists.

Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey will treat you with kindness, care, and expertise. They put their patients first, giving them a first-class dental experience. Instead of waiting another moment, let them help you too.

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Dr. Charles Casey & Dr. Patrick Casey

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