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Missing teeth can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life, making it difficult to chew, eat, and speak with confidence. Patients missing multiple teeth can regain the function and appearance of their smiles with dentures. Custom-made for each individual, dentures are a functional and aesthetically-pleasing tooth replacement solution. In Montreal, QC, Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey have over two decades of experience crafting dentures for our patients.

Traditional and implant-supported dentures
Traditional dentures are removable for ease of oral hygiene, while implant-supported dentures are permanent and have significant oral health benefits. 

Types of Dentures

Depending on your specific needs, we can offer a number of restorative options. During your initial consultation, Drs. Casey can help you determine a treatment option that best meets your needs and your budget. At Smile Montreal Dentistry, the types of dentures we offer include:

  • Traditional Full Dentures: Supported by the gum tissue and the underlying bone ridge, full dentures can replace a full arch of missing teeth. Depending on their needs, patients may receive an upper denture, a lower denture, or both.
  • Partial Dentures: For patients who are missing several teeth in various places throughout their mouth, a partial denture can fill in the gaps. Like traditional dentures, partials rest on the gum tissue. However, they also are typically attached to adjacent teeth with dental clasps that provide additional stability.
  • Implant-Supported DenturesWidely considered to be the optimal choice, implant-supported dentures attach to titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone rather than resting on the gum tissue.

Traditional Dentures vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

If you are missing all of your teeth on the upper or lower arch (or both), our doctors will likely recommend denture options to restore your smile. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences between traditional and implant-supported dentures so you can select the option that will work best for you.

Traditional dentures are typically the most affordable teeth replacement option. Advances in dentistry allow us to craft a prosthesis that fits well and feels and looks natural. Traditional dentures can improve your ability to eat the foods you want with minimal shifting. Fabricated from a variety of materials, conventional dentures can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Traditional dentures are removable for daily cleaning, and use natural suction and dental adhesive to stay in place. With proper care, dentures can last approximately five to 10 years.

Custom-made for each individual, dentures are a functional and aesthetically-pleasing tooth replacement solution.

Like traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures restore the form of your smile. While they can be removed by a dental professional, implant-supported dentures attach to dental implants and are a more permanent tooth replacement solution. The most significant advantage of an implant-supported prosthesis is that it prevents bone loss, which is a common byproduct of tooth loss. Because dental implants effectively replace your natural teeth roots, the nerves in the jawbone are stimulated, preserving healthy bone density. While your prosthesis may need occasional adjustments, dental implants can last a lifetime with diligent care. Though an implant-supported denture generally costs more than its traditional counterpart, many patients find the investment is well worth the benefits dental implants offer.

Traditional Denture Treatment Process

Before undergoing any treatment, it is helpful to know what to expect. If you receive a traditional denture from Smile Montreal Dentistry, the treatment process will include:

  • Initial Consultation: During your first visit with Dr. Casey, he will fully assess the health of your gums and any remaining teeth. X-rays will be taken to determine the health and density of the jawbone.
  • Impressions: In order to fabricate your new dentures, we will take impressions of your mouth. These molds will be sent to our trusted dental lab.
  • Wax Model: The lab will craft a wax model of your denture. This will be tried in to assess the look, feel, and fit of your new prosthesis. Any changes will be noted and communicated to the lab.
  • Fabrication: Once you are happy with the wax model, a skilled technician will craft your final dentures using high-quality dental materials.
  • Adjustments: When your prosthetic arrives from the lab, we will schedule you for an appointment. After fitting your denture, Dr. Casey will check your bite and make any necessary modifications. While you are getting used to your denture, it is normal to need occasional adjustments, which can be completed at periodic follow-up visits.

The process for receiving an implant-supported denture will first require dental implant surgery. If you choose to receive implant-supported dentures, Dr. Casey can outline your treatment timeline during your initial consultation. 

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Dr. Charles Casey & Dr. Patrick Casey

Smile Montreal

Our team of dental professionals is focused on patient care and comfort. Our dentists use the latest techniques and innovative technologies to provide fast and efficient treatment. Dr. Patrick Casey is a member of a number of international associations including:
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • International Academy of Orthodontics
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