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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe discomfort, leading to complications such as misalignment or infection.

Our office in Montreal, QC, offers gentle and advanced wisdom teeth removal to promote long-term oral health.

Find out how Drs. Patrick and Charles Casey can help alleviate your symptoms…

We Provide Precise, High-Quality Care

Here at Smile Montreal, we use advanced technology and perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your candidacy for wisdom teeth removal. We use digital scans and x-rays to assess your jaw, third molars, and surrounding teeth. Our cone beam CT scanner presents an incredibly accurate representation of your dental anatomy so we can plan a precise and beneficial procedure. To book your consultation, reach out to us online or call our Montreal office at:

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Impacted Third Molars Can Cause a Chain Reaction of Issues

How Our Dentists Determine If You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

​Dental Exams

It's possible that one of our dentists may notice an emerging tooth or teeth during your routine examine. If that's the case, Dr. Charles or Patrick Casey will likely talk to you about making a wisdom tooth appointment.

X-ray Results

If your teeth have not yet emerged from your gums, our Montreal dentists can examine your jaw using X-rays. While you might not need immediate treatment, this procedure can help you plan for the future.


Usually, patients will noticed their wisdom teeth emerging during their late teens to early twenties. If you are of that age bracket, you may want to consult your dentist about your tooth care possibilities.


From sinus issues to inflamed gums, your teeth may already be telling you that they need to be removed. If you or your dentist notice any of these tooth symptoms, it's likely time to schedule your wisdom tooth treatment.

What if you could spare yourself some of the pain and stress of emerging wisdom teeth?

Prevent Future Problems By Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Now

At the moment, your wisdom teeth may not be impacted at all. However, it's possible that they will emerge and shift over time, causing problems such as cysts and tooth decay. Fortunately, you can avoid those problems entirely with a preventative wisdom tooth removal at Montreal Smile.

Our knowledgable dentists, Drs. Patrick and Charles Casey, can carefully take out your wisdom teeth now, so that you do not have to struggle with tooth emergencies or complications in the future. Ready to get started? Want to learn more?

Contact our Montreal office or call

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If your molars become impacted, they may cause jaw pain or infections. A preemptive wisdom teeth removal can save you time, worry, and discomfort. Visit Montreal Smile to find out about the advantages of this procedure and how it can help your teeth stay healthy.

​A Closer Look At Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth
As your wisdom teeth emerge, they may create overcrowding or tooth misalignment. They may also cause pain or infections, so you should never delay your treatment. If you need help now, you can rely on our Montreal dental practice.

"I Am Beyond Thrilled with the Experience." Hear From Happy Montreal Patients


Gregory Fischer-Rush


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Best dentist I've ever been to easy. I'm an extremely rough patient who is petrified of needles and has panic attacks. Dr. Casey AND HIS STAFF (can't stress this enough, many reviews speak of Dr. Casey but his staff is equally unbelievable and exceptional) have never judged me and have always been nothing but understanding.If you want the highest level of care possible, this is the place to go.

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Elaine Marknathan


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Positive experience, warmly greeted. I am beyond thrilled with the experience(s) so far. This practice has dealt with my lifelong issues of a paralysing phobia of dentists and begun rectifying the problems this past week. I have many medical issues that make a trip to the dentist an ordeal, yet Dr. Casey took me on without hesitation. Other dentists were leary of my medical issues and have put me off for years. If you have serious issues and have put them off, here is your solution.

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What to Expect during Treatment

Day of Procedure


Your dentist administers local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums. If you have chosen a sedation method, it is administered during this time.


Your dentist creates a small incision in the gums near the affected tooth, acting as an access point.


Once the tooth is accessed, your dentist carefully removes it. In some cases, the tooth is divided into separate parts for easier extraction.


After the molar has been removed, your dentist closes the incision with surgical sutures. These will typically dissolve within a few days.


Once the procedure is complete, a small piece of gauze is placed over the surgical site to slow bleeding.


Healing from wisdom teeth removal typically takes around two weeks. Most patients can return to non-strenuous activities after two or three days.

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After your wisdom tooth procedure, it will take about two weeks for you to heal completely...

What to Expect during Recovery

Our Montreal staff will provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow after surgery. To ensure a comfortable, successful recovery, these guidelines must be followed precisely:


It is normal to experience some pain and discomfort after surgery. Wisdom tooth pain can be managed with ibuprofen, naproxen, or other over-the-counter pain relievers.

Blood Clots

Blood clots will form in the surgical site. It is crucial not to use a straw or make a sucking motion with your mouth, as this could dislodge the blood clot and cause a painful condition called dry socket.


To reduce inflammation and swelling, patients can apply a cold compress to the jaw area. This should be done in 20-minute increments for the first 24 hours after surgery.


During the first few days of recovery, it is important to avoid strenuous activity. An elevation in heart rate can increase the risk of post-operative bleeding and swelling.


Patients should eat a soft-food diet such as yogurt, pudding, applesauce, pasta, eggs, or smoothies. After a few days, you may incorporate more solid foods at your discretion.

"Best dentist I've ever been to easy. I'm an extremely rough patient who is petrified of needles and has panic attacks. Dr. Casey AND HIS STAFF (can't stress this enough, many reviews speak of Dr. Casey but his staff is equally unbelievable and exceptional) have never judged me and have always been nothing but understanding. If you want the highest level of care possible, this is the place to go." Gregory Fischer-Rush, 2020
Dr. Charles Casey & Dr. Patrick Casey

Smile Montreal

Our team of dental professionals is focused on patient care and comfort. Our dentists use the latest techniques and innovative technologies to provide fast and efficient treatment. Dr. Patrick Casey is a member of a number of international associations, including:
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • International Academy of Orthodontics
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