Mouth Guard Candidates By Patrick Casey on October 18, 2012

Montreal Mouth Guard Candidates Mouth guards are most commonly used by athletes to protect their teeth during contact sports. However, mouth guards are also a commonly used treatment for dental health problems such as teeth grinding and TMJ disorder. Montreal cosmetic dentists, Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey offer custom-made mouth guards for their patients.

Mouth Guard Candidates

Our Montreal patients who are the best candidates for mouth guard use athletes, teeth grinders, or those who suffer from TMJ disorder.

Athletes: Athletes are the most common candidates for mouth guard use. Mouth guards offer athletes an extra layer of protection against injury to the mouth and face. Data now shows that when athletes suffer a concussion, they are less severe in those who wear mouth guards. Mouth guards are recommended for use during just about every sport, including boxing, hockey, surfing, soccer, baseball, and bicycling.

Teeth grinders: Patients who frequently suffer from headaches, toothaches, or a tight feeling in the jaw may be grinding their teeth while they sleep. Constant grinding can injure and weaken the teeth. For our patients in Montreal, reconstructive dentistry can repair the damage caused to teeth but a mouth guard is recommended to prevent grinding and alleviate symptoms such as headaches as well as prevent further injury or weakening of the teeth.

Patients who suffer from TMJ disorder: TMJ disorder is a condition that can result in pain or swelling in the jaw. Patients who suffer from this condition may feel tightness in their jaw and they may even notice a clicking or popping soundwhen they open their mouth wide. While an exact cause of TMJ disorder has not been determined, it is suspected that grinding or clenching the teeth can be a contributing factor. Because of this, a mouth guard is often used by dentists as one of the first treatments for TMJ disorder. A mouth guard can prevent teeth grinding and ensure that the jaw stays in its proper alignment.

Types of Mouth Guards

Patients who are candidates for mouth guard use should consider the type of mouth guard to use.

Readymade mouth guards: These mouth guards are pre-made and can be bought at any athletic store. Readymade mouth guards are inexpensive but they are not fitted to your mouth so they are likely to be bulky and uncomfortable.

Mouth formed mouth guards: You form these mouth guards to your teeth once they have been purchased. These mouth guards can be made of either acrylic or thermoplastic. While an acrylic mouth guard fits comfortably, it might not taste or smell very good; they also tend to lose flexibility over time. Thermoplastic mouth guards remain flexible but are larger and less comfortable to wear.

Custom made mouth guards: Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey provide custom-made mouth guards to patients. These are the most comfortable mouth guards available because they are slender and they are custom made to fit your mouth. In addition, these mouth guards are less likely to interfere with speaking or breathing.

Schedule an Appointment

If you believe you are a candidate for mouth guard use, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. We are happy to fit you with a custom-made mouth guard that can protect your teeth during sports or treat other dental problems.

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