Contouring the Gums with Laser Dentistry By Patrick Casey on February 18, 2013

Montreal Laser Gum ContouringA beautiful smile is the result of healthy, attractive teeth and a well proportioned gum line. When the gum line is too abundant, it covers a significant portion of the teeth, producing a gummy smile. Some patients may be unhappy with the appearance of the gum line but unwilling to undergo surgery to correct the condition. Fortunately, our Montreal cosmetic dentists can now address this problem without surgical intervention. At Smile Montreal Dentistry, we are able to perform laser gum contouring, an advanced procedure that allows our dentists to reshape the gum line with a dental laser. This procedure allows us to give our patients the beautiful smile they desire through an easy, virtually pain-free, treatment.

The Gum Contouring Procedure

The gum contouring procedure is relatively simple. A dental laser will be used to remove gum tissue and contour the gum line so that it is even and proportional to the teeth. Before the procedure, our dentist will discuss with you the results you’d like to see from the gum contouring treatment. A line can be drawn across the gums, outlining the size and shape of the new gum line.

In the past the gums had to be contoured with a dental scalpel. This was a lengthy and painful procedure. With the use of a dental laser, our dentists are able to reshape the gum line in a very short amount of time. The laser also eliminates any pain felt during the procedure. In fact, our dentists typically do not even use an anesthetic during the procedure. This is because the laser actually seals off the nerves as the gums are reshaped. In one step, the laser works to remove excess gum tissue and seal the nerves so that the tissue heals quickly. Most patients experience little to no bleeding during the treatment. Because the gum line heals as the procedure is performed, our patients also are able to avoid the recovery time that is necessary when the gums are contoured surgically with a scalpel. Many patients find they are able to eat, drink, and function normally the same day as the procedure.

Additional Treatments

Our patients are pleasantly surprised by how drastically their smile is improved once the gum line has been lifted. With an even and proportionate gum line, our patients can reveal more healthy tooth material. In some cases, the tooth that is revealed may require cosmetic attention. Once the gum line has been corrected, the teeth may require improvement as well. For our patients in Montreal, porcelain veneers can be adhered to the teeth to correct any cosmetic flaws and give the teeth an even, uniform appearance. For more minor corrections, additional cosmetic dental procedures, such as dental bonding or teeth whitening, can be performed.

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At Smile Montreal Dentistry, we believe in helping our patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in the most comfortable setting possible. By taking advantage of technology such as laser dentistry, we can provide our patients with the results they desire without painful dental procedures. To learn more about gum contouring and laser dentistry at our Montreal practice, schedule an appointment with one of our trusted cosmetic dentists.

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