Should I Cut Back on Coffee and Wine after Teeth Whitening? By Patrick Casey on June 04, 2020

Cup of black coffee and coffee beans on white tableDo yellow or stained teeth leave you hesitant to smile? Professional teeth whitening treatments can drastically and safely whiten your teeth. Our office offers fast results through in-office visits or convenient take-home whitening kits. 

Following your teeth whitening treatment at Smile Montreal Dentistry in Montreal, QC, you will want to consider reducing the consumption of certain stain-causing foods and drinks. These small changes in habits can greatly increase how long your cosmetic results last. If you are undergoing teeth whitening for the first time, this article contains useful tips and advice for maximizing your whitening results.

Common Causes of Enamel Stains

Stained teeth are part of the aging process. As enamel wears, the more yellow dentin underneath enamel can begin to show. For most patients, habits like smoking and drinking coffee and wine are primarily to blame for tooth discoloration. 

The surface of teeth contains microscopic pores that can trap stain-causing particles. Careful brushing can help reduce the appearance of stains, but the cumulative effects of staining agents may require professional treatment. Many of the foods and drinks that lead to the need for cosmetic whitening should be cut or reduced from your diet following whitening treatment at our Montreal dental practice. 

Tips for Reducing Red Wine Stains

Red wine is a leading culprit when it comes to dental stains. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting cutting out red wine entirely, but patients should be mindful of the types of wine they drink and the amount of time wine remains on the palate and teeth surfaces. 

If you can, vary your wine selections with whites and lighter reds. If you do drink red wine, have a glass of water ready to rinse out lingering tannins. Brushing your teeth after drinking red wine can help reduce staining. Also, regular dental cleanings can go a long way in reducing the appearance of red wine. 

Tips for Reducing Coffee Stains

Many of the tips for reducing red wine stains also apply to coffee. Dark coffee is more likely to stain your teeth than a latte. Your freshly whitened teeth will appreciate a switch from drip coffee to sips of espresso. You’ll still enjoy the caffeinated jolt that an entire cup of coffee offers. Switching to iced coffee and drinking it with a straw is another effective way to reduce exposure to coffee. Drinking water immediately after your coffee beverage can help rinse the teeth and mouth. 

Small adjustments in your diet can make a big difference in the appearance of your smile. The benefits of maintaining your white smile are well worth it. A white smile is synonymous with youth and very pleasing to the eye.

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If you are considering teeth whitening, or have recently undergone the procedure, following a few simple guidelines can keep your smile bright and dazzling. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment at our practice, contact us online or call our Montreal office at (514) 937-6558.

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