I Have Dental Phobia: How Do I Get Over My Fear of Dentists? By Patrick Casey on December 07, 2022

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Fear of the dentist is no joke. Some people avoid cleanings and exams for years because they have strong dental phobia (also known as dentophobia) and anxiety around dentists. This is often due to bad early experiences with dentists as a child, and it can set back a person's oral health for years. Thankfully our practice serving the Montreal, QC, area has different methods to address dental phobia.

The team at Smile Montreal would like to offer a few tips on how to overcome your fear of dentist visits. Here are six things to consider.

1. Find the Right Dentist in Your Area

Finding the right dentist for you can make a major difference. Look up reviews for potential dentists to gauge whether the dentist’s priorities align with yours and if they accommodate patients with anxiety.

2. Bring a Family Member or Loved One with You

Having someone with you during a dentist’s visit can be important for feeling safe. We always welcome friends and family members to our Westmount office if a patient needs support or just needs a ride home.

3. Bring Noise-Canceling Earbuds or Headphones

The sound of dental equipment can be unnerving, even for people without dentophobia. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds can block out unpleasant sounds and keep you feeling calm.

4. Express Your Concerns to Your Dentist

If you feel anxious or afraid, please let us know! Our staff can talk things through with you to help you feel at ease. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed every moment you’re here.

5. Schedule Appointments at Less Busy Times of Day

Sometimes timing is everything. If you come to the dentist’s office at a less busy time of day, it may help calm your nerves.

Smile Montreal offers appointments at 7am on weekdays to accommodate people with day jobs and parents seeking dental care before dropping off their children or heading to work. We can discuss the proper timing with you over the phone or by email if you’re trying to set up an appointment with as few people around as possible.

6. Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Overcome Dental Phobia

Some dentists offer different options for dental sedation, which helps patients achieve a relaxed state during their visit.

So what is sedation dentistry? Sedatives aren’t like general anesthesia. Instead, you achieve a relaxed but conscious state so you can get the care you need while still being responsive to our team during a procedure.

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About Our Sedation Dentistry Options

We offer two forms of sedation at Smile Montreal:

  • Oral Sedation - The patient takes an oral sedative before their dental visit.
  • IV Sedation - A sedative is administered intravenously at the office.

We can discuss sedation options as part of a consultation.

Dr. Patrick Casey: Certified Sedation Practitioner

Our own Dr. Patrick Casey is one of the few dentists in Montreal who is certified to administer sedation during a dental procedure.

This is one of the many things that sets our dentist’s office in Westmount apart from the competition.

Part of Our Commitment to Advanced Patient Care

Since its founding by Dr. Charles Casey, Smile Montreal has stayed at the forefront of dental technology and innovations in dental care. It’s the way we help patients feel calm and ready for their next visit.

Do You Have Dental Phobia? Contact Smile Montreal for Comfortable Dental Care

If you’ve avoided the dentist for years because of negative experiences and heightened anxiety, we encourage you to give Smile Montreal a try. We’re accommodating, we’re welcoming, and we’re committed to giving you a relaxed and empowering experience. Feel free to contact our dental care practice in Westmount. You can also reach us by phone at (514) 937-6558.

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