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How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure

There are several things you can do to prevent dental implant failure. The Smile Montreal team offers some tips and patient advice.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Oct 30, 2019

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease: Advanced Periodontal Care

Dentists can use laser dentistry to address gum disease and periodontal health problems. The team at Smile Montreal consider this state-of-the-art approach to soft tissue…

Posted by Patrick Casey on Nov 30, 2017

Common Causes of Poor Gum Health

Learn about the most common causes of poor gum health and how you can avoid them between routine periodontal screenings.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Apr 01, 2017

Gum Disease Increases the Risk of Tooth Loss

Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey offer treatment for gum disease that allows patients to restore gum health and avoid the risk of tooth loss.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Jul 01, 2016

Dental Care for Diabetic Patients: Meeting Unique Healthcare Needs

Diabetics have a number of dental health and general wellness issues to consider, including gum disease, dry mouth, and tooth decay.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Oct 29, 2015

Bad Breath Causes and Treatments

Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey can determine the cause of your bad breath and recommend treatment options.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Sep 03, 2014

The Causes of Gum Recession and Your Options for Treatment and Prevention

Gum recession is a serious problem that affects your periodontal health. Grafting and other restorative dentistry treatments are ideal for addressing these matters.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Jul 03, 2014

Gum Disease Symptoms and Treatments

Our Montreal cosmetic dentists Charles and Patrick Casey offer information on the symptoms and treatments of gum disease.

Posted by Patrick Casey on Mar 29, 2012

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