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Bone Grafting

Missing teeth don't just cause a tooth gap. With time, it can lead to bone loss, affecting jaw structure and facial appearance.

With bone graft surgery, Drs. Charles and Patrick Casey can increase jawbone density to support the placement of dental implants.

Learn how bone tissue grafts at our Montreal, QC practice can improve implant candidacy...

Bone Atrophy After Tooth Loss Why Bone Grafts Are Necessary

People who are missing teeth need to speak with their dentist about potential treatments. With time, tooth loss leads to bone loss.

Tooth Roots and the Jaw

The jawbone relies on a constant flow of nutrients and minerals for strength. When you have healthy teeth, the roots stimulate the jawbone with each bite, prompting the free flow of nutrients.

Tooth Loss and Bone Density

After losing a tooth or multiple teeth, there are no roots in place to stimulate the jaw. The lack of nutrients and minerals to the jaw causes the bone to gradually shrink and recede.
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Effect on Dental Implant Candidacy

Dental implants are anchored into healthy jawbone structure. The implant then fuses with the bone (osseointegration). If you have suffered bone loss, implants can't be placed without risking failure.
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Further Impact on Dental Health

The loss of bone density can lead to further loss of other teeth. The bone atrophy can also lead your jawline to shrink and become less defined, changing the appearance of your face.

The Basics What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a safe and effective technique used to restore jawbone density along the tooth gap. When performed on the upper jaw, the procedure is known as a sinus lift.

Rebuilds Bone Density

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The grafts placed during the procedure fuse with the existing bone structure of the jaw. After you've finished healing from surgery, the grafts are fully fused and function just like new bone.

Types of Bone Grafts

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Different kinds of bone grafts are available. We can harvest bone from an area close to the gap or we can use donor tissue. We can also use synthetic materials, depending upon your needs.

Essential for Implants

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If you're interested in getting dental implants but have experienced bone loss, bone grafts are a must. Keep in mind that this will add several more months to overall treatment time.

The Bone Grafting Procedure A Treatment Timeline

This overview of the bone graft procedure gives you an idea of what to expect. We'll provide more details during your consultation at Smile Montreal.
Bone grafting restores jawbone density along the tooth gap.
Bone grafting restores jawbone density along the tooth gap.

Assessing Candidacy

During your initial visit, we'll take digital x-rays and discuss your dental goals. We can then determine if bone graft surgery is right for you, or recommend alternatives if needed.

Treatment Planning

If bone grafting is the right option for you, we enter the planning phase. We use advanced software to figure out the most ideal position and placement of the grafts.
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Anesthetic and Sedation

Prior to the dental surgery, we administer anesthetic to eliminate pain during the procedure. We can also use dental sedation methods to eliminate feelings of anxiety.
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Placing the Grafts

During the bone grafting surgery, a small incision is made along the gumline to reveal the jawbone. The bone graft is positioned and the incision site is sutured shut.
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The Healing Process

In the weeks and months to follow, patients will return to our practice for follow-up care and checkups. All the while, they should follow all instructions for proper post-op care.

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Dr. Casey is an exceptional surgeon/dentist.

I feel blessed to have him as my dentist.

I have done many reconstructive surgeries with him and all have been easy on me & successful.

Me & my family are his patients and we highly recommend Dr. Casey.

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This place is a GOD SEND. I have a HUGE dental phobia and suffer with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I've been putting off dental work for 25 years. As a result, I needed extensive work done. When I went to see Dr Patrick Casey, I felt comfortable immediately. He was compassionate, honest and didn't make me feel like a number. I had dental surgery 5 days ago with IV sedation and let me tell you, I can't be more pleased. I never thought I would be able to do it. I slept through the whole surgery. GOD BLESS YOU, Dr. Patrick Casey, for being THE BEST dental surgeon on the face of the earth !! :) Also wanted to say a special thanks to Alex (his assistant) for being so patient with me and to Maria (receptionist) for making me feel at home. Thank you SMILE MTL!!!

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