Dental Care for Seniors: Dentistry for Elderly Patients By Patrick Casey on January 02, 2015

An older patient in a dental care suiteAt Smile Montreal, we are committed to helping patients of all ages. This means offering the latest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to improve the appearance of smiles as well as overall dental health. With the idea of dental health for all ages in mind, we'd like to take a moment right now to consider the dental health needs of elderly patients.

General Dental Care Treatments Are Still Important

No matter how old you are (or how young you feel), routine checkups are part of good dental health. When treating elderly patients, we always go back to the basics of exams and prevention, which includes x-rays, cleanings, and careful, up-close checks of the teeth and gums.

Treating Advanced Tooth Decay and Damage

Many older patients have problems with advanced tooth decay and damage due to long-term wear and tear. To treat this advanced tooth decay, we often use inlays, onlays, and dental crowns, which restores the strength of the teeth as well as their appearance. When teeth are too damaged or decayed to be saved/restored, the ideal treatment will be extraction. Thankfully we have many ways to address tooth loss (though more on that in a bit).

Addressing Gum Recession

Over time, it's not uncommon for major gum recession to occur. This leads to the exposure of the root structure of the teeth, causing tooth sensitivity and potentially leading to other health problems. To treat gum recession, we often use soft tissue grafting techniques, which rebuild the gumline and cover the exposed root structure.

Replacing Missing Teeth

A number of patients who are older are missing teeth or require badly damaged teeth to be extracted. We can use different kinds of appliances to restore the missing teeth, including dental bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures. We may consider the use of dental implants to assist in the support of dental appliances if patients are good candidates.

Focusing on the Jaw Joint and Its Function

The jaw joint is very complicated given the motions required to speak, chew, and make facial expressions. Over time, a person's jaw may be prone to clicking, locking, or limited motions. It's not uncommon for elderly patients to undergo treatments to improve the overall function and health of their jaw joint.

Treating Persistent Dry Mouth

As patients get older, saliva production goes down. This is often a regular part of the aging process, and persistent dry mouth can actually make dental problems of very kinds worse. To treat dry mouth, dentists can consider various treatment options, and can also recommend different kinds of artificial saliva products.

Providing Additional Tips to Promote Dental Wellness

Good advice has no age limit or age range. That's why a major part of good dental care for seniors involves various tips for prevention and at-home care. This is part of our commitment to patient education, giving everyone who visits the practice the ability to improve their dental health at home.

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For more information about all of your options for advanced dental care and exceptional treatment options, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry centre today. At Smile Montreal, we will work with you to ensure that you are in great dental health throughout your golden years.

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